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  • I'm a Sport Psychologist
    with Peder Piering and Tim Muma - November 30, 2013
    Sports are a huge part of American life, from Little League, high school and amateur sports, to college and the pros. While we may marvel at their physical abilities, the mental side plays a vital role in prolonged success. Tim Muma speaks with Dr. Peder Piering, a sport pyschologist with Ignite Your Life, who discusses the unique aspects of psychology in sports. Dr. Piering explains how this profession is different than tr...
  • I'm a Professional Poker Player
    with Daniel Negreanu and Tim Muma - November 14, 2013
    World-renowned poker pro, Daniel Negreanu, joins host Tim Muma to discuss what leads to a successful career, the challenges of this unique profession, and some inside dish on his own accomplishments and experiences. Professional poker has an allure unlike any competitive game or sport in that it gives the appearance that anyone could would wind up winning a huge tournament and taking down experienced players. However, as wi...
  • I'm a Stuntman (Pt. 1)
    with Hugh Aodh O'Brien and Tim Muma - September 16, 2013
    They are often faceless and nameless, filling in for TV and movie stars to take on more skilled or dangerous acts. Hugh Aodh O'Brien joins Tim Muma to share his stories of TV and film, and to break down the key aspects to being a successful stuntman. Hugh has nearly 200 titles to his name, including the Pirates of the Caribbean movie franchise, Horrible Bosses and the TV series, CSI Miami.
  • I'm a Stuntman (Pt. 2)
    with Hugh Aodh O'Brien and Tim Muma - September 16, 2013
    Tim Muma continues his conversation with Hugh Aodh O'Brien, a highly experienced stuntman who you've most certainly seen on TV or in movies - you just might not recognize him. Hugh describes the most memorable moments of his career, some of the tougher parts of the job, and how technology has played a role in his profession.
  • I'm a Standup Comedian (Pt. 1)
    with Joe DeVito and Tim Muma - September 15, 2013
    One of the most difficult things to do is make a group of diverse people laugh. Standup comedians take on this challenge, looking to draw off of personal and cultural experiences to find a common humor they can share with the masses. Joe DeVito is a comic who has hit plenty of clubs and made his way onto TV, appearing on the Late Late Show, Chelsea Lately and Last Comic Standing. Joe talks to Tim Muma about the pros and con...
  • I'm a Standup Comedian (Pt. 2)
    with Joe DeVito and Tim Muma - September 15, 2013
    Comedian and writer Joe DeVito rejoins Tim Muma to discuss this unique profession. Joe fills us in on the truly rewarding side of being a comedian, as well as the not-so-pleasant aspects that come with the territory.
  • I'm a Professional Liar
    with Tim Green and Tim Muma - September 14, 2013
    We've all told white lies from time-to-time, usually because we've already convinced ourselves it was acceptable in that particular case. What if the lie is too big or important that you couldn't do it yourself? That's where Tim Green swoops in to help. Tim is an experienced, licensed private investigator who founded Paladin Deception Services, a company designed to help people with deception and disinformation. Tim Green...
  • I'm a Style Therapist
    with Kim Naci and Tim Muma - September 12, 2013
    Fashion and clothing can play a big role in one's success personally and professionally, whether it's thanks to confidence or image. Kim Naci, a self-professed "style therapist," works to help individuals create a wardrobe that fits them perfectly. Kim speaks with Tim Muma about her experience and passion for the world of style, sharing stories about her job, the pros and cons, and how others can find a role in this interes...
  • I'm a Scientific Fire Analyst
    with John Lentini and Tim Muma - September 10, 2013
    Damaging fires can happen for a variety of reasons - some intentional, others accidental. Considering the lives affected by these incidents, it's imperative the causes are discovered and properly evaluated. Tim Muma speaks with John Lentini, a Certified Fire and Explosion Investigator who searches for answers to the tough questions surrounding fires. As a scientific fire analyst, John brings his knowledge and experience to...
  • I'm a Cheerleader
    with Danielle Ackerman and Cady Chesney - September 9, 2013
    Baseball, basketball and football all have one thing in common: cheerleaders. Danielle Ackerman, a Milwaukee Brewers Diamond Dancer, joins host Cady Chesney to discuss the unique field of cheerleading, including how one might get involved, the keys to success, and some insight on the whole process from training to a long career.