What Career Coaches Can’t Do for You
I love what I do and believe it’s my personal calling to help others move forward in their careers. Whether I’m working with a student or doing private consulting I assist people of all walks of life with career planning, updating resumes, job search techniques and even motivation. However, with all the benefits of having a coach guide you through the sometimes complex job search process there are some things career coaches cannot do for you.

Can’t Drive You (figuratively or literally). Career coaches can give someone the tools and motivation to jump start their career, but it’s up to the individual to get behind the wheel and put the plan into action. We can make very strong suggestions, but in end you are responsible for the decision to follow through (or not) with any advice you are given. When you leave the office or hang up the phone with your coach you have to find what drives you personally in life. Is it your family, lifestyle, or financial gain? Ask yourself what motivates you and how can you tie that into your job search or career.

Make Something Exist that Isn’t There. The same way a beautician can’t make everyone look like Beyoncé, I can’t make you look like a stellar candidate for a position if you’re not the right fit. I am not a magician or a genie that’s going to fly you on the red carpet to your dream job. By no means am I a dream crusher, however, like a basketball coach is aware of the strength and weakness of her players, I am not going to encourage someone to seek a position that I believe doesn’t play to the person’s strengths. We want to see you win!

Shoulder Your Burdens. There are things that happen in life (some within or not in our control) that impacts our ability to achieve career success. I get it and I empathize with you, but I want to see you surmount the challenges that face you. As a career coach I do need to know what those challenges are to effectively partner with you, but leave your excuses behind as it will serve as a road block towards a solution. We want to see you move forward!

Employ You. We are not hiring managers. Career coaches may find you leads, introduce you to a connection, but you have to be prepared and do the work to seal the deal. Today’s job market is quite competitive to say the least and coaches give you the tools to help you rise above the pack; use them to your advantage. We want to help you get hired!

We can help you create a strategic career playbook, but remember you are the star that’s going to run the play because all great players have a coach.