On the one side, it's understandable that employers would be hesitant to hire someone who is unemployed, especially for a long period of time - that could speak to a number of negatives. However, there are tens of millions of people without work and many are highly skilled, experienced people that could be had at an inexpensive rate. Tim Muma is joined by Matthew Bidwell, who attempts to dissect the issue of bias against the unemployed and the many factors that play a role in the reluctance of companies to open their doors. We also examine how those unemployed job seekers can limit the effects and help their own cause.

Podcast Series: Nobody's Perfect
Nobody's Perfect looks at things a little backwards: What NOT to do. Mistakes are often the best teachers and errors in judgment cross all industries. Job seekers and executives alike commit a variety of blunders that you can learn from so you can avoid the common, damaging missteps.