Job Search of the Future: Your Resume
Slowly, resumes are changing to reflect changes in the ways people search for jobs.

Change: Job applicants are more tied into technology. Worldwide IT provider Cisco recently published the “Cisco Connected World Technology Report.” They found that “most professionals use two to three work and personal devices in their daily lives” and “most respondents believe their most important device in 2020 will be a smartphone.”

Result: Recruiters are looking for candidates where the candidates are most likely to be found—online. Job applicants need a professional online presence and are expected to be familiar with social media. Resumes should contain an email address, a cell phone number, and if possible a LinkedIn or other online profile address. Skill in most Microsoft products can be assumed.

Change: Organizations are moving to a more mobile, flexible work style. In the Cisco report, 56% of HR respondents “indicate their HR department has already implemented or is planning on implementing a more mobile, flexible work style.”

Result: Resumes must show that a job applicant can work independently, is comfortable with technology, and can adjust to a flexible schedule, while focusing on productivity and extending the concept of “teamwork” to a geographically scattered workforce.

Change: Cisco found that “two-thirds of professionals indicated they will conduct job searches across their countries.”

Result: As a job applicant, you can broaden your search outside of strict geographic limits if you take the right steps to ensure that your resume is considered. Moreover, your experience in dealing with people from different backgrounds and cultures; your knowledge of different languages; and your travel experience may all be valuable assets in a company where employees come from many locations.

At Robin’s Resumes®, we keep in touch with job search trends so that the resume of the future can help you find the job you love now.