How to Get Noticed During a Virtual Career Fair
Have you ever been to a virtual career fair and felt like one in a swarm of bees competing for employers’ attention? And then, when you finally get to a chat session, you’re just referred to the company’s website? Don’t give up! Next time, try these tips to gain the attention of employers and maximize the opportunity that a virtual career fair (VCF) offers.

Maximize Your Time by Conducting Research

  • Research the participating employers and their job opportunities beforehand. The day of the career fair is no time to be buzzing around like a bumble bee trying to find a flower to pollinate. If you find a position of interest, apply! Don’t wait until the career fair.

  • Find out as much information as you can on the companies and positions of interest, such as benefits, salary, relocation assistance, company’s mission, recent press releases, etc. You’ll be prepared with engaging and informed questions rather than generic questions, which may get you referred to the company’s website.

  • Be patient. Keep in mind that the recruiters’ time online is limited, so they may have multiple chat sessions at once.

Have Your Pitch Ready

Think about what you’re going to share with recruiters beforehand and write it down. Consider saving the text on an electronic document to refer to during the virtual career fair.

  • Stay away from text messaging lingo [SMH].

  • Provide a brief introduction that includes the fact that you have an application on file. This gives them the opportunity to immediately take a closer look at you as a viable candidate and allows you to officially demonstrate your interest.

  • Good afternoon, my name is [First & Last Name]. I applied for the [job title] position you have posted on the job board. [Then ask an open-ended question about the position.]

  • Ask an open-ended question about the position of interest to demonstrate that you’ve done your due diligence and are informed about the company and the position.

  • I see that X company is opening up a new location in Nashville, Tennessee; do you know when it’s expected to open?

  • Provide a quick pitch on your education, experience, and skills as it relates to the qualifications of the position.

  • I have three years of IT Management experience in the retail industry, earned a project management certification, and recently graduated with my MBA.

  • Ensure that the recruiter has access to your resume. If the recruiter is interested or even curious, this may open up the door for your application to be reviewed more closely – sometimes immediately – and for an interview.

Remember, the job of the recruiter is to find an ideal candidate and, if that’s you, make it easy for them! Be the bumble bee that gives them some honey to savor. Have them saying, “Sweet!” and you’ll “bee” noticed!