How to Boost Your Career with a Seasonal Position
A seasonal position can be more than just an opportunity to make some extra cash. It could also serve as an opportunity to network within an organization, or feel a position or industry out. When searching for seasonal opportunities, consider your long term career plan and the skills you would like to acquire or enhance. These skills may include customer service, sales, marketing, communication, inventory management, loss prevention, and event planning. Top seasonal industries include retail, warehouse & production, sales & marketing, customer service, media & entertainment, hotel & hospitality, law enforcement and security.

To obtain a seasonal position, be sure to start your search at the appropriate time. For example, for seasonal holiday retail positions start your search no later than October. Once you have obtained your position of interest be sure to put your best foot forward, not only to make a good impression, but to make the best out of the experience for yourself. Even in a relatively short time period, you can seek moments to go beyond the call of duty if you are intentional about it.

When updating your resume highlight relevant skills, experience, and key accomplishments. Think of the goals you may have achieved or improvements that were made based on your contributions. In addition, be sure to indicate that the position is seasonal so that the short employment period does not raise a red flag. Furthermore, ask your supervisor permission to serve as a professional reference. If you worked for a company for which you would like to work permanently, be sure to connect and follow up with your coworkers and supervisors for current and future opportunities.

Do not take seasonal opportunities lightly. Although it may be temporary, it may also have a long term effect on your career.