5 Reasons You're Not Getting Responses to Your Job Applications
If you’re a jobseeker and after a period of about 60 days you haven’t gotten any responses from employers, something might be wrong. The following are possible reasons why and tips to increase your job application response rate.

1. You don’t qualify. Plain and simple, you do not meet the requirements. In today’s competitive job market, do not waste your time applying to anything that comes your way hoping an employer will have pity on you. It’s not going to happen. Focus your time and energy on identifying the appropriate opportunities and networking towards them.

2. You’re minimally qualified. You meet the qualifications by the skin of your teeth and perhaps the position prefers someone with more experience than you. The candidate pool will impact your chances, but so will your ability to network and connect with someone on the inside.

3. You’re qualified, but no one can tell. Take the time to highlight key accomplishments, qualifications and skills that are relevant to the positions you apply for. Don’t assume that employers will read between the lines. Use detailed examples and include key words to make it easy for them to see that you’re a match.

4. You’re Johnny-come-lately. Don’t wait to the last minute to apply to a posted position. If an employer is looking to fill a position quickly, the early bird will catch the worm.

5. No one can reach you. Aside from providing erroneous contact information or no contact information, there are a number of reasons you may be out of reach. Call yourself; make sure your voicemail is working properly and delete messages to keep your inbox from getting full. (Also, get rid of the “ring back” or “caller tune” music.) Be sure to answer unknown or private calls if you’re an active job seeker. It’s not uncommon for a recruiter to call you privately initially to screen you prior to providing you with contact information. If possible, provide a phone number that only you answer, not your unreliable roommate or forgetful 5 year old. In regards to email, have a dedicated email address for correspondence with employers and check your spam mail.

The reasons may seem simple, which makes them easy to overlook. This is the occasion where it’s OK to sweat the small stuff, because they can have a big impact on job search success.

This article was first featured on OnlineCareerTips.com