Jeff Percival is the Founder and President of Percival Enterprises. On the Percival...personal side, Jeff is a white water rat. He has paddled every river in Wisconsin and a number around the West. He supports his creative side with pottery and guitar. To keep his hands busy, he juggles, a metaphor for how he handles life. Jeff is also an author who has solely written 3 books: "8 Weeks to Successful Employment", "Job Search Survival Kit", "Your Combination for Success" and co-authored "Work Makes Me Sick! (Prescribe Something Quick!)" with Kathy Bornheimer.

Jeff Percival has spent the last 26 years building, molding and creating Percival Enterprises, a business that is a living entity. Throughout the years, Jeff realized that both he and his company had to grow and change in order to meet the needs of his clients. He has become an Independent Contractor, with 10 vendors, to seek out and provide the best employee assessment tools available in the market. Knowing that he cannot be "All things to all people", he developed the Percival Enterprises' User/Consultant Group, with over 25 experts in their field, from around the country. This User/Consultant Group acts as a Resource to his clients and prospects beyond employee assessments.