Dawn Lennon

Dawn Lennon

Career Strategist and Writer 
Dawn Lennon is strategist, mentor, advisor, and coach as each new situation arises.

A career businesswoman, author, and founder/owner of Big Picture Consulting, she has been helping individuals, solo practitioners, and small business owners achieve business and career success for more than a decade.

Before leaving to start her practice, Dawn spent over twenty years as a senior manager at a Fortune 500 energy company in customer service, management development and training, and consumer programs (a marketing function). She developed award-winning programs, provided expert testimony, led high-profile change initiatives, and implemented best practices.

While in the thick of corporate things, she was an active entrepreneur, owning and operating a commercial horse breeding operation and an equine art gallery. She also spent five years providing practice management consulting to veterinarians.

All of these experiences gave her a broad understanding of what it takes to be a success in any business. She saw first-hand what goes on behind the scenes in a big corporation and in small business. She’s hired over 100 employees, seen the impact of downsizings on good people who lost jobs, overcame political barriers, and developed talented people. She built three entrepreneurial businesses from scratch, took the lumps that go with the territory, and built a loyal customer base.

She learned that there’s nothing more valuable to the growth of a career than being tested under fire and coming out on top.

Dawn has an M.A. degree from Lehigh University and is author of Business Fitness: The Power to Succeed—Your Way. She’s written numerous articles on achieving success in business and will be sharing lots of insights with those of you who follow her on Facebook and Twitter. Don’t forget to sign up for her Free Stuff.