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About Us

Thrive Behavioral Health is a dynamic mental health program, offering both innovative off-site therapy and traditional clinic based services. We provide services to adults, children and families throughout the Baltimore-Washington area. Thrive's off-site therapy program is composed of a diverse group of licensed clinicians. We take a hands-on approach to treatment by going into homes, schools and neighborhoods to facilitate healing. Our team of psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners and physician assistants provide provide evaluations and medication management at our on-site facilities. Thrive staff assist clients with transportation to psychiatric appointments when transportation barriers exist.

You Can Live An Extraordinary Life

Life can be hard. It presents us with challenges and heartache we struggle to manage at times. Thrive Behavioral Health is here to help. We offer person-centered, trauma-informed care. Our team focuses on using the strengths individuals and their families already have while helping to incorporate new ways to be healthy. Together, we can find a way for you to thrive.

Culturally Diverse Services

Research shows that discrimination and micro-aggressions can directly impact one’s mental health. Thrive appreciates the unique experiences of our LGBTQIAP+, elderly, individuals of color, differently abled, trans (including but not limited to nonbinary/gender queer folks), and indigenous clients as well as their families. Our team works to create a safe space for all to experience feeling heard and respected.

Our Mission 

The mission of Thrive Behavioral Health, LLC is to provide quality mental health services to individuals and families, with a focus on reducing traditional barriers to accessing treatment and on ensuring a high level of collaboration with our community partners.

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