Company Overview

Founded in 1997, TechSource is comprised of over 500 senior level scientists, engineers, and industry leaders from the national laboratories, federal technology programs and the nuclear industry. We are recognized as an independent qualified expert whose advice and products are accepted as authoritative by our clients and their stakeholders.

 The foundation of our world-class expertise is built on advanced academic achievements with approximately 80% of our core technical staff possessing Masters and/or PhDs.

Our people each possess decades of experience in scientific, engineering, technical, and management disciplines associated with the entire nuclear material life cycle such as: basic nuclear research, materials research, facility design and operations, weapons, material disposition, and systems and operations analysis. Each consultant’s extensive experience is derived from hands-on work with particle-accelerator design and operation, nuclear power plants, nuclear materials technologies, nuclear and industrial facilities, national laboratory projects, enterprise-wide and operational-level information technology programs, or systems integration.

Our Mission

We will strive to surpass our clients’ expectations by providing innovative solutions that are grounded in science and experience, developed by nationally recognized experts, and delivered in a trusted manner above reproach.

We will remain steadfastly focused on our clients’ goals and work everyday to ensure that the issues of national importance, which they are charged with solving, are moved closer to a proven and cost-effective resolution.

We will continue to work tirelessly to pursue new growth opportunities while remaining true to our values of: focusing on technical and scientific projects of national importance, providing qualified experts and industry leaders, providing the best solutions in a lean management environment, and demonstrating everyday that we respect our employees, consultants, and our clients by always providing honest, professional, and ethical solutions and service.

Our Vision

Be a preeminent scientific and engineering resource that fosters the retention of the nation’s premier nuclear scientists and engineers so that their collective wisdom can continue to solve problems of great national importance.

Our Core Principles

These core principles have guided our firm for over a decade:

  • We focus on technical and scientific projects of national significance.
  • We provide high-level, highly qualified experts with practical experience as well as academic credentials.
  • We are committed to providing the best solution for the client while maintaining a lean management approach.
  • We recognize the dynamic environment in which our clients must operate and adjust scope and resources to meet client’s needs.
  • We demonstrate daily that we value and respect our employees, consultants, and our clients by always providing honest, professional, and ethical solutions and services.
  • We believe growth is multi-dimensional and goes beyond revenue.

TechSource Careers

Looking to be a part of something special? Come join us at TechSource.
We are always searching for talented, dynamic, and innovative thinkers. As one of America's premier high-technology companies providing technical and management services to organizations responsible for developing, implementing, and managing high-technology programs opportunities for our employees are truly endless. We are passionate about our people because we know our people are what drives our success. Find your future now...
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