Company Overview

Our Operations
The Tatitlek Corporation and its subsidiaries have offices and projects throughout the United States, each having skilled management and support staff empowered to make and carry out decisions required to succeed. We remain steadfast in our mission, and our clients are assured of ethical business practices, and excellent value for high-quality services and products.


  • Information technology development, support, and training
  • Vertical and horizontal construction
  • Security and guard services
  • Facilities management and operations
  • Property management
  • Logistics services

Corporate Mission
The Tatitlek Corporation is a diverse company providing services and products to our customers while ensuring stewardship of all assets and connection to our land.

The Tatitlek Corporation strives to bridge the traditions of our village with global economic opportunity enhancing the quality of life for our people.

Desired Outcomes

  • Strong corporate governance with clear strategic direction and positioning to succeed with confidence.
  • Best utilize all available resources to seize targeted opportunities for balanced profitability, growth and dividends.
  • Capitalize on economic climate and move quickly with intent and deliberation to grow and diversify business lines.
  • Provide opportunities for enriching the lives of our people.

Guiding Principles

  • Resilience – a determination of spirit
  • Ethics – behaviors that promote the best of who we are
  • Accountability – desire to deliver results
  • Quality – a job done right
  • Teamwork – an emphasis on the good of all
  • Unity – Moving forward together with Godspeed
Company Summary
Tatitlek Corporation
Number of Employees
(907) 278-4000
561 East 36th Avenue
Anchorage, AK