Company Overview

Stella May Contracting is the fastest growing minority owned heavy civil and critical infrastructure contractor serving Maryland and the Mid-Atlantic region. We offer site development services that include excavation, grading, and sediment and erosion control for both building construction and road/transit construction. We also install dry and wet utility infrastructure that include water mains and sewerage, pumping stations, treatment plants, electrical transmission and distribution duct banks, gas mains and service connections.

Mission & Vision: Build it Safely to Serve & to Shine

Our company mission statement tells our story from day one and builds upon itself.

Build it Safely has always been a core value for Stella May Contracting. On day one, when Stella Miller didn’t have any money, she borrowed enough to hire a safety consultant to guide her. As a construction company that places much importance on safety, we always want our field and office employees to go home to their families in the same condition (physical, mental, emotional) as they arrived at work.To serve comes from the familial environment and culture that we foster here at Stella May. Our company believes in helping each other, looking out for one another, supporting each other and caring about each other’s well-being. Our company culture ties directly with the idea of mutual support. We make sure that everyone around us is safe both at the office and in the field. This emphasis on safety also extends to our families and our homes. If we see a hazardous condition, we call it out.

Our mentality and company culture directly translates to serving our clients. We believe first and foremost in quality of service. To provide a high quality of service, we show genuine care for our clients’ needs. By taking the time to understand the “why” or the purpose and motivation for the project, followed by its scope, timeline, and budget, we consistently succeed at providing the highest level of service to our clients.

If we Build it Safely, Serve each other and our Clients, then we believe that we should Shine. As the saying goes, our reputation should precede us. Clients and competition will know that we perform quality work. Potential clients will have confidence that we offer the best quality work – either from past firsthand experience or through a reference from one of our previous clients.


At Stella May Contracting we look for coachable individuals, who have a safety-first mindset, to join our work family. We are an equal employment opportunity employer who strives to maintain a diverse, inclusive and well-rounded workforce that will put us in the best position to perform well on the challenging projects that we undertake. Our vision is only possible if we can help you meet your career goals, and we strive to do this by investing in our employees. Some of the opportunities that are available to our employees are listed below. Please reach out to us if you want to learn more!

Why Work Here?
Stella May Contracting treats each employee as a family member. We promote the safety, well-being, advancement, and prosperity of our employees. We offer comprehensive healthcare, paid time off, and a 401(k) retirement plan.

Company Summary
Stella May Contracting, Inc.
Number of Employees
(410) 679-8306 x802
1512 Edgewood Road
Edgewood, MD