Company Overview
Severn Bancorp, Inc. ("Bancorp") is a savings and loan holding company. Its primary subsidiary, Severn Savings Bank, FSB ("Severn") is a federally chartered, FDIC insured savings bank. Severn began its operation as a neighborhood building and loan association in Baltimore, Maryland in 1946. Then known as Pompei Permanent Building Association, it operated on Tuesday nights from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the “Highlandtown” section of Baltimore City. In 1980, Severn became headquartered in Annapolis, Maryland and began full time operations with assets of under $500,000. In 1984, Severn converted from a mutual savings and loan association to a Maryland chartered stock savings and loan association. Deposits were insured by the Maryland Savings Share Insurance Corporation (“MSSIC”). In July of 1985, Severn became a member of the Federal Home Loan Bank and its deposit accounts became insured by the FSLIC. In June of 1987, Severn converted to a federal stock savings bank. In 1990, the stockholders of Severn approved a reorganization into a holding company form of ownership forming Severn Bancorp, Inc. Severn primarily functions as a retail depository offering a full range of savings products, including certificates of deposit, retirement accounts, personal checking accounts and commercial checking accounts as well.

Severn functions as a community mortgage lender, emphasizing all types of residentially related mortgage loans to refinance, purchase, construct and rehabilitate in its primary market of Anne Arundel County, Maryland and, to a lesser extent, in other parts of Maryland, Delaware and Northern Virginia. Severn also originates commercial mortgages within its primary market area. In addition to its depository and mortgage lending activities, Severn owns Homeowner's Title and Escrow Corporation ("Homeowner's"). Homeowner’s, located on West Street in Annapolis, offers title insurance and real estate settlement services to Severn’s customers as well as third party real estate buyers and borrowers. In addition to it’s primary subsidiary, Bancorp also owns SBI Mortgage Co. (“SBI”), and Louis Hyatt, Inc. t/a Hyatt Commercial (“HC”). SBI holds mortgages that do not meet the underwriting criteria of the Bank, and is the parent company of Crownsville Development Corporation (“Crownsville”), which is doing business as Annapolis Equity Group (“AEG”), which acquires real estate for syndication and investment purposes. HC is a commercial real estate brokerage and property management company. Severn has four branch locations, at 200 Westgate Circle and 1917 West Street in Annapolis, 413 Crain Highway in Glen Burnie and 3083 Solomon’s Island Road in Edgewater. The Administrative, Accounting/Operations and Lending offices are located in Severn’s Headquarters Building at 200 Westgate Circle, Suite 200, Annapolis, MD.
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Severn Savings Bank, FSB
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Annapolis, MD