Company Overview
Here at WJC (WeJustClean), our goal is getting rid of the mess, trash, dirt, and unclean actions so your household is always looking at it's best!

Reasons you always want to consistently have your home or office cleaned:
  • Keeping unwanted pest, rodents, roaches, etc out of yourh ouse at all times!
  • Keeping your home dust free for those who have allergies and breathing problems.
  • Dust could make a guest sneeze, cough, and get watery eyes. Dust could give someone a rash and trouble breathing. Dust could be made of smoke, cotton, soap particles, pollen, mould spores, dry cat spit, spider web remains fur, tiny skin flakes, textile and insect fibres, food particles, mould spores, unusual smells, or something the guest is allergic to. Getting rid of those things with consistent cleaning prevents these issues and protects people in your household.

  • Keeping your home consistently clean also removes and prevents germs that can cause unwanted infections to you or your family.

  • Also, keeping your home and office free of clutter is a great way to always feel like things aren’t just everywhere in your home or office. Allowing for a more relaxed environment.

  • Last and finally our goal at WJC (WeJustClean) is to provide you with a consistent, affordable cleaning that allows a budget-friendly solution for all your cleaning needs all year round!

Company Summary
WeJustClean LLC
Number of Employees
(888) 334-4342
1602 Belle View Boulevard
Alexandria, VA