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The U.S. Army Special Operations Command is the largest of the service components that make up U.S. Special Operations Command and provides about 70 percent of the special operations personnel in Central Command's theatre. On any given day, dozens of USASOC elements are deployed around the world.

Made up of 26,000 personnel, USASOC combines a vast range of warfighting skills, from raiding and airfield seizures, to human-terrain mapping and cultural analysts.

The demand for special operations personnel, skills and training is high. USASOC's approach for defeating the enemy involve unwavering commitment, combined with unique unconventional skills.

As a result, USASOC's units are experiencing a period of significant growth and reorganization to meet current and future requirements worldwide.

The pace is fast and morale and job satisfaction are great. USASOC has never lost sight that the key to winning the fight is the character of its Soldiers.

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U.S. Special Operations Command (Army)
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