Company Overview
The dedication. The pride. The legacy.

Our mission is to protect and support the Congress in meeting its Constitutional responsibilities.

Wear the badge. Feel the honor.

The moment of transformation… when you slip into the uniform… put on the badge...and join our elite ranks, you’ll feel it. This is the moment you truly become a part of the dedication, the pride, and the legacy that makes the United States Capitol Police a force like no other.

What does it take to join this prestigious team? A deep sense of patriotism, unyielding dedication to protecting the public, and a passion for the American way of life are just the beginning. The desire to make a difference in the lives of many will take care of the rest.

The beginning of a legacy.

The year was 1828. With the sole mission of providing security for the United States Capitol Building, Congress created the United States Capitol Police. Since that time, countless lives have been protected while the U.S. Capitol continues to thrive.

Over a century later, we've expanded in numbers, duties, and responsibilities. Today, as a CALEA accredited agency, we are dedicated to providing the Congressional community and its visitors with a full range of police services.

Throughout the years, our primary responsibilities have remained the same. Our main focus still lies in protecting life and property; preventing, detecting, and investigating criminal acts; and enforcing traffic regulations throughout a large complex of congressional buildings, parks, and thoroughfares. Additionally, we are responsible for protecting Members of Congress, Officers of the United States Senate, United States House of Representatives, and their families. We serve these individuals throughout the entire United States, its territories and possessions, and throughout the District of Columbia.
Company Summary
U.S. Capitol Police
Number of Employees
500 or more
(202) 593-3422
HR Office, Fairchild Building 7th Floor, Room 700
499 South Capitol Street, SW
Washington, DC