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U.S. Army Sustainment Command (ASC) provides sustainment level logistics by synchronizing Acquisition, Logistics and Technology support from the strategic through the operational to the tactical level. Serves as AMC’s single face to the field and facilitates reach back across AMC to enhance mission support. Supports Army, Joint and Coalition forces across the full spectrum of operations. Manages Army Prepositioned Stocks and as the CONUS TSC, provides materiel management capabilities.

ASC is headquartered on the historic Rock Island Arsenal in Rock Island, Ill., 160 miles west of Chicago on the Mississippi River.

The U.S. Army's logistics integrator for contingency and sustainment support of American fighting forces worldwide, ASC was called to duty on Sept. 22, 2006.

The assignment is clear and compelling: Improve logistics support to troops on the battlefield. By harnessing and delivering the vast capabilities of Army Materiel Command and America's industrial and technical base, ASC streamlines and accelerates logistics support to commanders and troops in the field.

Officially, the ASC mission is to provide Combat Service Support capability to Soldiers serving in Combat Commands in the continental United States and overseas to ensure expeditionary war-fighting readiness and leverage national logistics to sustain a transforming Army at war.

Whether you have recently arrived, or have orders to report here, the information in this Web site will help you learn more about ASC's worldwide command. If you are seeking contact information for a particular office at ASC, please return to the Web site and click on the "Command Structure" under "Command Information" tab. For security reasons, individual telephone numbers are not listed on our public Web site.

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U.S. Army Sustainment Command
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