Company Overview

Strategic Resources, Inc. (SRI) was founded in 1988 by Rose A. McElrath-Slade. After spending the first 20 years of her career in the management ranks of major Fortune 500 companies, Ms. Slade envisioned and set out to build a new kind of company, one that:

  • Emphasized quality and integrity more than the balance sheet or the bottom line.
  • Maintained financial solvency, investing profits back into the company and its employees, ensuring its ability to remain steady during uncertain economic times and responsive to changing customer needs.
  • Hired, motivated, and empowered employees to grow and develop within the organization based solely upon their talent, performance, and commitment.
  • Provided a full-service approach to meeting customer needs, blending human resources with responsive tools and technology to deliver a complete solution.

Today, more than 34 years later, SRI continues to operate under this vision. Whether we are providing Management Consulting, Information Technology, Telecommunications, Engineering/Logistics, or Healthcare Services, our first priority is delivering a superior quality solution that meets customer requirements and exceeds customer expectations. Our success is best evidenced by:

  • Numerous industry and customer awards.
  • Steady, continued growth and development, even in times of economic recession, including the recent addition of our Healthcare Services business unit.
  • Consistent quality certification under the ISO 9001 (since 1999) and CMMI Level 3 (since 2008) quality standards.
  • Recognition as an industry leader under multiple large-scale IDIQ awards, including HRsolutions, Army EAGLE, Navy Seaport-E, TACOM-ERS, TACOM-KBS, IMCS 3

Whether you are a prospective employee looking to join our unique corporate environment or a customer looking for a committed partner in meeting your organization’s goals, our invitation is the same. Come and experience the difference for yourself.


Company Summary
Strategic Resources, Inc.
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(703) 749-3040
7927 Jones Branch Drive
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McLean, VA