Company Overview
The Population Reference Bureau informs people around the world about population, health, and the environment, and empowers them to use that information to advance the well-being of current and future generations.

Inform. PRB analyzes complex demographic data and research to provide the most objective, accurate, and up-to-date population information in a format that is easily understood by advocates, journalists, and decisionmakers alike.

Empower. Our commitment to putting information into action sets us apart. PRB builds coalitions and conducts workshops around the world to give our key audiences the tools they need to understand and communicate effectively about population issues.

Advance. PRB works to ensure that policymakers in developing countries and in the United States rely on sound evidence, rather than anecdotal or outdated information, when creating population, health, and environmental policies.

Our Core Themes
We focus our work around these core themes: Aging; Children and Families; Family Planning and Reproductive Health; Gender; Global Health; Inequality and Poverty; Migration and Urbanization; Population and the Environment; and Youth.

PRB's funders include private foundations, government agencies, and individual donors, and we frequently collaborate with other nonprofit organizations and universities. To these partnerships, PRB brings broad expertise and innovative, cost-effective approaches to analysis, information sharing, and capacity building.

Our Core Capabilities
Translating and Disseminating Population and Health Research for Nontechnical Audiences
Building Capacity to Use Data for Policy and Program Reform
Analyzing U.S. and International Demographic, Social, and Economic Trends
Creating Multimedia Presentations
Mobilizing Knowledge Through Digital Dissemination
Conducting Custom Research and Data Analysis
Providing Journalist Training and Support
Developing and Supporting Communities of Practice
Company Summary
Population Reference Bureau
Number of Employees
(202) 483-1100
1875 Connecticut Avenue Northwest
Washington, DC