Company Overview

We’re a seven-year-old company with 100+ years of collective experience solving complicated technical problems. Whether we’re helping the FCC manage its billion-dollar spectrum auctions, Homeland Security transform incident response or the Veterans Administration manage the risk of one million network endpoints, clients know they can give us a task…and stop worrying. Oasys delivers.

We follow a Structured Agility™ framework. It’s flexible – as it should be – but crafted for the mission. We capture the problem set from the client and have a constructed discussion about how to triage so we can progressively deliver. Different problems call for different philosophies and resources…answers might be traditional, they might be agile. Most likely, it’ll be a blend. When Oasys determined one division’s operating method was to put systems into production without testing, we secured and transformed the operation forcing a testing sandbox into the workflow. The outcome? No system breaks from tested components. Oasys integrates.

Oasys’ work divides 80-20…80% of our work is solving client problems by changing business processes, technology or platforms; 20% of our engagements are creating new systems. It’s a good balance. Client problems keep our skills sharpened to rapidly changing environments while the innovation work excites and stretches our creativity. Government problems are solvable; the solutions just require tailoring. Oasys adapts.

Company Summary
Oasys International Corporation
Number of Employees
(571) 210-2390
3926 Pender Drive
Fairfax, VA