Company Overview
Molina Healthcare began 30 years ago in a small medical clinic in Long Beach, California. It was there that the Molina family children swept the floors, stocked shelves and filed medical records. That year was 1980 and the healthcare environment was similar to that of today. Patients without a family physician would flock to emergency departments complaining of a sore throat or the flu. As an emergency room physician, Dr. C. David Molina knew that treating patients for simple everyday ailments in the emergency room cost more and caused longer waits for people with true emergencies. As a result, Dr. Molina established a medical office to help those who were uninsured, non-English speaking or low income. This “medical home” enabled patients to access regular preventive care and a physician who was familiar with their health history who could provide the personalized care they couldn’t get anywhere else. Three decades later, Molina Healthcare is still led by a physician--but not any physician, the founder's son – Dr. J. Mario Molina. He and his siblings have gone from sweeping the floors of the first clinic to running the multi-state healthcare company. Molina Healthcare has grown into one of the leaders in providing quality healthcare for financially vulnerable individuals and families. Currently, Molina Healthcare arranges for the delivery of healthcare services or offers health information management solutions for nearly 4.3 million individuals and families who receive their care through Medicaid, Medicare and other government funded programs in 16 states.
Company Summary
Molina Healthcare, Inc.
Number of Employees
500 or more
(562) 435-3666
200 Oceangate Ste 100
Long Beach, CA