Company Overview

Research and Development
In-Depth Engineering Corporation executes Research and Development for the Department of the Navy, and a variety of IR&D efforts. The IEC process for executing R&D includes the development and refinement of Concepts of Operations (CONOPS) and Fleet Requirements, continuous conduct of Candidate Hardware Technology Evaluation, and a rigorous algorithm development process that includes Requirements Decomposition, Concept Formulation/Transition, Software Thread Development, and In-house assessment.

Systems and Process Engineering
Development of military systems requires the comprehensive integration of numerous engineering and process disciplines. Systems engineering is an interdisciplinary process that begins with the translation of operational requirements into a set of functionality and capability to be delivered to the customer. It involves concept definition, design, development, implementation, testing and validation of a system or family of systems.

At In-Depth, the systems engineering function is part of everything we do. Strong systems engineering practice ensures that we deliver excellent products that meet the requirement, are supportable, and meet total ownership cost goals.

Software Engineering
The development and implementation of the software that drives today’s extraordinarily complex military systems requires a strong software engineering practice tightly coupled with our systems engineering practice.

Software engineering requires the use of techniques, methods and methodologies to implement software that is reliable, efficient, maintainable, and provides for low cost and easy upgrade.

Technical Training
The extent to which any system provides war fighting capability is ultimately a function of how well operators are properly and thoroughly trained. Within the DoD community, there is a rigorous curriculum development process that provides the foundation for the way in which course materials must be developed, courses taught, tests administered, and ratings given to successful students.

At In-Depth Engineering, we consider the execution of each of these efforts, referred to as technical training support, to be a core corporate capability, and integral to the successful deployment of our products.

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