Company Overview

IIF is currently providing professional services to the National Guard, Department of Defense, and other Government agencies, as well as the private sector. IIF has approved GSA MOBIS, Information Technology, and Environmental Schedules.

IIF has extensive capabilities and expertise in areas such as: information technology, domestic operations training and exercise development, COMSEC training and operations, logistics and facilities operations, consulting, program development and management, unmanned aircraft systems, business processes and management engineering, operational training support for war fighters, and role player support services.

Founded in 1998, the company’s initial assignments included database management and force management integration taskings for the National Guard Bureau. We have since expanded services to nearly every state and territory, while maintaining headquarters and offices in Northern Virginia. IIF’s proven outstanding performance is a direct result of our dedicated corporate commitment to our employees and ability to completely satisfy our clients’ needs and requirements. A key factor in our success is that our employee turnover rate is less than 10 percent yearly, in a professional and business services category that over the past many years has exceeded 25 percent national average annually. IIF continues to build and maintain excellent track records with our clients, offering high quality work, done on time, and under budget.

IIF’s Senior Leadership Team consists of a multi-disciplined professional staff that comes from diverse backgrounds and has extensive education and experience in Government, private industry, consulting, law, education and State and Federal regulatory agencies. Furthermore, our senior staff has more than 250 years cumulative experience serving with DOD agencies.

IIF is further supported by our comprehensive functional area support team with information technology, business and contract management, human resources, and program management departments. In summary, IIF offers an extensive array of professional services, maintains outstanding reputation with clients and has a seasoned staff of diverse professionals. These qualities have made IIF Data Solutions, Inc. an appealing choice to both Government agencies and the private sector.

Company Summary
IIF Data Solutions, Inc.
Number of Employees
(703) 531-1180
10394 Central Park Drive
Manassas, VA