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The Nevada Automotive Test Center (NATC) is an independent test and evaluation, research and development facility located 30 miles east of Carson City, Nevada. NATC utilizes land and water areas totaling approximately one million acres.

Although primarily dedicated to ground vehicle systems, NATC conducts vehicle component evaluations and certifications, and weapons systems and ammunition tests. Since its founding in 1957, NATC has continuously served commercial, federal and defense organizations in both domestic and international arenas. Throughout the years, NATC has contributed to the development of wheeled and tracked vehicle systems. NATC has logged more than 40 million vehicle test miles and evaluated more than 1,000 different vehicle systems from passenger cars to Class 8 trucks to earth moving and agricultural equipment along with some three hundred trailer systems.

To improve support to our customers on the East Coast, NATC has established an office in Quantico, Virginia. Our office in Virginia provides engineering services. Our dedicated winter test facility near West Yellowstone, Montana provides seasonal severe low temperature, snow and ice environments for vehicle and component evaluations. NATC's dedicated fabrication facility in Carson City, Nevada (NFAST) is equipped and staffed to provide complete prototype fabrication and modification for all types of ground vehicle systems. Our Westrack facility provides an evaluation area for Intelligent Vehicle Systems and full support for driverless vehicle technology.

On-site resources at NATC's Nevada proving ground include three full size vehicle environmental test chambers and two component-size chambers including one for fungus; a railroad transportability test area; an EMC/EMI test range; skid pads for vehicle dynamics evaluations; a large tilt table; established slopes, fording pits, and obstacles; fabrication and repair facilities including engine and electronic system rebuild; approximately 3,000 miles of test courses; and on-site ranges for direct-fire weapons systems.

The NATC facility is situated in a rural portion of northern Nevada, but it has access to all major transport systems. Rail and air cargo facilities are located within 60 miles at Reno, Nevada.

Standard engineering and testing services include translation of customer needs into specific performance requirements, followed by development of the test criteria and scheduling of associated test courses, facilities, ranges, and instrumentation to best satisfy these requirements. NATC provides support during the development of requirements and standards to verify performance, and the bulk of testing at NATC is on prototype and developmental equipment.

NATC recognizes the need for a broad range of services immediately available at one location. From structural analysis to prototype fabrication to production hardware certification, NATC meets these needs throughout the entire vehicle development cycle. NATC combines more than 40 years of ground vehicle system development and test experience with analytical testing and practical real-world solutions to create tailored test programs.
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