The HSC Health System is a nonprofit health care organization committed to serving people with complex health care needs and eliminating barriers to health services. The System combines the resources of a health plan, pediatric specialty hospital, home health agency and parent foundation to offer a comprehensive approach to caring, serving and empowering people with disabilities.

As a first-of-its-kind health system in Washington, DC with more than a century of experience, The HSC Health Care System remains committed to changing the lives of the people we serve through expert medical care, care coordination and advocacy. Today, we are known for our expertise in treating children, teens and adults who have disabilities and complex medical conditions.

We fulfill our mission through four primary services:

The HSC Foundation

A foundation dedicated to ensuring sound fiscal management of its entity organizations and through support services for young people with disabilities as they transition to adulthood.

Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. (HSCSN)

A comprehensive health plan for children and young adults with Supplemental Security Income (SSI) in Washington, DC.

The HSC Pediatric Center

A pediatric specialty hospital that provides rehabilitation and transitional care to children and young adults from infancy through 21 years of age.

HSC Home Care, LLC

A licensed home health agency that provides home care services to infants, children and young adults in Washington, DC, and people of all ages through HSC Health & Residential Services in Maryland.

Extraordinary People, Exceptional Health Services

What makes The HSC Health Care System successful is the extraordinary people we work with, and work for, on a daily basis. Our staff is passionate about making a difference in the lives of the people we serve and within the disability community. Our culture is one that values people, quality health care, service, compassion and efficiency. We’re looking for people who share our commitment to improving access to health services for people who face barriers to due to disability or other complex medical needs.

Enhancing Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity is an important value at the The HSC Health Care System. Our community includes people with a range of disabilities and medical needs, who are diverse in their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical and cognitive ability, religion and political beliefs. We are dedicated to creating a workforce that is reflective of that diversity.

A workforce that values and shares the strength of our differences makes us better able to improve the quality of life for the people we serve. That commitment has lead to:

  • Strong employee retention. The average length of tenure for employees at some of our entity organizations is close to 10 years, and we routinely celebrate staff who have spent their entire careers as part of our family at our annual employee service celebration.
  • Trust within the community. We are members of the community and work closely with our neighbors and network of more than 100 partner organizations.

Eliminating Barriers

We work to eliminate barriers that could inhibit one’s ability to access health care services:

  • Accessibility. Not only are all of our locations compliant with the Americans With Disabilities (ADA), we also make sure our workplaces are accessible for all of our employees.
  • Limited English proficiency. Our staff are proficient in different languages, such as Amharic, Arabic, French, Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Swahili, Urdu and many more.
  • Limited financial means. Our programs and services support people when they need it most hand provide resources, such as transportation and child care to increase access to care.

We are a close-knit group of committed individuals working in a wide range of jobs—from nurses and therapists to administrators and community engagement specialists. Each of our roles is vital to our work of improving the lives of children and their families.

At HSC, we find caring employees and nurture an environment where they can thrive by staying healthy, balancing work and family commitments, and growing personally and professionally. Our commitment to health and healthy families doesn’t end with our patients. Our benefits help us practice what we preach by prioritizing employee wellness, healthy families, and lifelong learning.

Here are some of the benefits of working at HSC:

  • Health insurance (including prescriptions, dental, vision and mental health care)
  • Life/AD&D insurance and disability coverage
  • 403(b) retirement investment plan
  • Medical and dependent-care flexible spending accounts
  • Health advocates to help employees navigate the health care system and connect with wellness programs
  • Employee assistance program that provides referrals to counseling, child care, and other services
  • Tuition assistance and professional development opportunities
  • Generous annual leave
  • Tax-free transit savings programs
  • Federal credit union membership
  • Identity theft services
  • Domestic partner/same-sex marriage benefits

As part of The HSC Health Care System, you’ll join a team dedicated to empowering people with disabilities to maximize their health and independence. The HSC team of 750 employees and more than 100 volunteers together serve children and young adults with special health care needs and their families at our District of Columbia and Maryland locations, providing clinical care, in-home therapy services, Medicaid benefits, and disability advocacy and support.

Our staff fill a wide range of roles, from office administrators to medical specialists. Read more about our benefits and culture to see how you can become part of HSC’s culture of caring, serving and empowering.

We view our employees as the key to getting the families we serve the care they need, whether that means walking them through enrollment in our health plan, or helping a young patient walk confidently on her own. Every employee, at the forefront of providing direct care or working behind the scenes to keep the wheels turning, is vital to our mission of service.

HSC employees help thousands of people throughout the Washington, DC area through four major organizational areas:

The HSC Foundation

Improving access to services for people who face social and health care barriers due to disability, chronic illness or other circumstances that present unique needs.

Health Services for Children with Special Needs, Inc. (HSCSN)

Serving more than 5,800 members annually through coordinated care services.

The HSC Pediatric Center

Making 10,500 outpatient visits each year at its District and Maryland locations to provide medical services and therapy.

HSC Home Care, LLC

Providing 41,500 visits to our clients in their homes each year.