Company Overview
Goldbelt Glacier-Health Services was launched in 2011 as one of the subsidiaries created by our parent company, Goldbelt, Incorporated. Goldbelt, Inc. was founded as an Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) under the 1971 Alaska Native American Claims Settlement Act (ANCSA), the largest single federal settlement of Native Claims. Through ANCSA, land and money were given to original inhabitants where they formed many regional corporations. Goldbelt received 100 shares of stock from the ANCSA settlement as a birthright to its shareholders of the Tlingit and Haida people of the Southeast region near Juneau, Alaska. Early on, the company focused on timber, then tourism, but soon realized that dwindling resources and seasonal tourism was not enough. Goldbelt then designed a program to expand into Small Business Administration's 8(a) program where it currently has thirteen separate companies engaged in government contracting. Goldbelt, Inc. employs more than 900 people throughout twenty states and remains a respected economic force in southeast Alaska where it works to preserve the rich culture and heritage of its nearly 3,300 shareholders.
Company Summary
Goldbelt Glacier-Health Services, LLC
Number of Employees
(240) 357-1741
5500 Cherokee Avenue
Alexandria, VA