Company Overview

Alliance for Justice is a national association of 130 organizations, representing a broad array of groups committed to progressive values and the creation of an equitable, just, and free society. Since 1979, AFJ has been the leader in advocacy for a federal judiciary that advances core constitutional values, preserves human rights and access to the courts, and adheres to the even-handed administration of justice for all Americans. AFJ’s work is divided into two main programs: our Justice Program, and our Bolder Advocacy program. Bolder Advocacy is the leading authority on the legal framework governing nonprofit advocacy.

Justice Program
Our country is facing a crisis as the Trump Administration is packing the courts with ultraconservative ideologues intent on turning back the clock on our rights and liberties. AFJ is leading the opposition to unqualified and unsuitable nominees.

AFJ has been a leader in campaigns around Supreme Court nominations since our inception. Most recently, we led a coalition of progressive organizations opposed to the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court. Our work was wide-ranging and included research, communications, and outreach components. We are proud of our work to mobilize national, state, and local allies, and although Kavanaugh was ultimately confirmed, our efforts galvanized and expanded the courts-advocacy movement within the progressive community, and showed our elected leaders how deeply we care about our courts.

The Lower Courts
AFJ’s Justice team continues to monitor the Administration’s nominees to federal circuit and district courts and to oppose those who are unsuited for lifetime seats on the federal bench. Over the past 12 months, AFJ has drafted and released over 40 reports on individual nominees. These reports delve deeply into their legal backgrounds, judicial opinions, articles, speeches, and other compelling information. The reports have been shared widely, reinforcing AFJ’s reputation for providing partners and the media with the accurate and timely information needed to evaluate nominees.

Our work has made a difference as we have surfaced flaws in some nominees’ records that have caused them not to be confirmed.  For example, AFJ’s research unearthed racist, sexist and anti-LGBTQ writings by a Trump nominee to the Ninth Circuit, Ryan Bounds.  Prompted by AFJ communications, local news media picked up the story, which led to Bounds losing the support of senators on both sides of the aisle. He was not confirmed.

Access to Justice
AFJ works to ensure equal access to our justice system.  We track Supreme Court and lower court decisions affecting the legal rights of everyday Americans, educates the public on efforts to narrow those rights, and works with our allies to advocate for progressive legislation and courts that will respect the access to justice that is so fundamental to American values.

Bolder Advocacy
AFJ’s Bolder Advocacy team wants nonprofits to be the strongest, most effective advocates possible for their causes. The Bolder Advocacy team is made up of legal experts on the laws and regulations that govern nonprofit advocacy activities, including their right to lobby elected officials. Our staff attorneys conduct workshops and trainings around the country and one-on-one technical assistance by phone and email. Our coaching helps nonprofit leaders become stronger advocates for their missions and empowers them to speak up.

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