Company Overview
When the application demands that an airplane fly higher and faster; that a rocket engine burn hotter; or that a gas drill go deeper and farther than ever; ATI is the first call for companies who must meet these challenges. We are a $4 billion global company, and we melt, forge, roll, atomize, fabricate and 3D print advanced specialty materials and complex components that withstand extremes of temperature, stress and corrosion. These materials are found in jet engines, aircraft and spacecraft, construction and exploration equipment, medical implants and other challenging applications, and they improve and protect human lives every day. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, ATI operates with 8800 employees at nearly 60 locations worldwide.

But enough about us.

We’re looking for those unique people who start their day at the edge of “What if?” and pursue it relentlessly until reaching “We do.” If you share our passion for working with some of the world’s most amazing customers - companies that want to do the impossible, who every day take on challenges to for further, we should talk. ATI is a place to work on stuff that matters. To constantly grow and develop your own expertise and talents, too. We work as a team. We share in the rewards, we have fun while staying focused on being ahead of the curve. Our people find it challenging, invigorating and fun. We may just be right for you.
Company Summary
Number of Employees
(412) 398-5590
116 15th Street
Pittsburgh, PA