Company Overview
ATI is a rapidly growing, employee-friendly nonprofit where purpose-driven work makes a difference in our world. ATI manages the business operations of federally-funded R&D programs with a total contract value of more than $16 billion.

ATI builds and leads technology development collaborations. We recruit, organize, and manage consortia of industry and academic partners, overcoming traditional barriers, such as geographical and organizational divides and intellectual property issues. We help team members, often competitors, reach consensus, establish priorities, and provide technology solutions for our federal clients.

ATI is the Consortium Manager for twelve DoD-sponsored Other Transaction consortia. These programs generate real world, relevant, mission-critical technologies and put them to use to achieve customer goals. ATI has demonstrated success in supporting the entire technology development continuum from rapid prototyping to widespread implementation to full commercialization.

Mission: Our mission is to coordinate and execute innovative, collaborative research initiatives for our federal clients. At ATI, integrity, passion, team-work, excellence and agility drives our work every day.

Company Summary
ATI (Advanced Technology International)
Number of Employees
(843) 760-3323
315 Sigma Drive
Summerville, SC