Company Overview
The NorthTide Group offers complex solutions to meet the critical needs of government. Well versed in the requirements needed to run efficient, secure, connected agencies, NorthTide can simplify the tasks of connectivity, enterprise integration, infrastructure enhancements, and staffing requirements.

NorthTide delivers products and support services that provide a holistic view of an agency’s need to balance business and budget resources. By facilitating the integration of new technologies, the maintenance of existing infrastructure, and the development of processes and procedures that assist in the transition of new acquisitions, NorthTide serves as a reliable small business resource to our customers.

NorthTide was created as a small business designed to serve the needs of the federal government, and was accepted into the Small Business Administration’s 8(a) Program in 2010. As an Alaska Native Village-owned Corporation (ANC), NorthTide is committed to the true spirit of the 8(a) program by providing direct socio-economic benefits to our shareholders. NorthTide’s status simplifies the procurement process for our customers, a benefit that, coupled with the past performance of NorthTide’s management team, technical staff, and teaming partners, makes NorthTide a high value, low-risk resource to the government.
Company Summary
The NorthTide Group, LLC
Number of Employees
(703) 651-1360
46020 Manekin Plaza
Sterling, VA